It’s Friday Specials @tast eatery

Minestrone Soup

Breakfast Bowl 7.0
quinoa, potato, kale, brussels, asparagus, red pesto, egg over easy

sorry, no substitutions or omissions . breakfast till lunch rush

Happiness Bowl 14.0
100% Pastured Raised Beef Patty, brown rice, sautéed kale, cauliflower, pico de gallo, hummus, bacon, chimichurri, egg over

High in Omega 3’s and Beta Carotene, 100% pasture raised beef is heart healthy and mood boosting!

Beef Brisket Rice Bowl 13.0
100% Pasture Raised cured Beef Brisket, brown rice, potatoes, broccoli, brussels, mushrooms, chimichurri & egg over easy

Wild Shrimp Pasta Bowl 15.0
Organic whole grain pasta, baby spinach, brussels,
broccoli, red pesto

Did you know that the shrimp you eat even at high end fancy schmancy restaurants is most likely treated with preservatives? Not the shrimp we use!